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André Vásáry, the MALE SOPRANO singer who can already be proud of three gold records and one platinum, has established his present popularity with more than 12 years of hard work.

He studied in Boston, won the Miskolc Opera Contest, got into the final of the International Music Contest in Rome (Concorso Internationale Musica Sacra) where millions of people could enjoy his performance through the Vatican Television.  He had several performances in Paris, Vienna and in other European cities and participated in the Adoro Tour in Germany. He was listened by Riccardo Muti and was also invited to the Staatsoper in Vienna.
His national popularity can be spectacularly experienced not only in his concerts, but in theatres as well. He appeared in the Pest Theatre (Pesti Színház), and had three seasons as a guest actor in the National Theatre (Nemzeti Színház) playing a special role written exclusively onto his particular voice in Schiller’s drama: Intrigue and Love (Ármány és Szerelem) acting together with acknowledged Kossuth prized actors on the same stage. At present he is a guest actor in the Vörösmarty Theatre (Vörösmarty Színház) in Székesfehérvár.

The high level musical culture represented by him can be well described by the facts that he has been invited by the Debrecen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ádám Medveczky, and also by the Dohnanyi Symphonic Orchestra to their concerts held in the Italian Culture Institute (Olasz Kultúrintézet), and in the Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája) as well as he appeared in the internationally recognized organ artist, Xaver Varnus’ Mozart concert held also in the Palace of Arts, and he had beautiful performances in the Dome Square in Szeged (Szegedi Dóm tér), in the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen (Debreceni Nagytemplom) and in the Basilica of Esztergom (Esztergomi Bazilika).

Apart from classical music he had performances of huge success also with his lighter crossover style concerts and had some small excursions into the world of light music with his own pop songs.

In 2009 he got the second prize at the Hungary's Got Talent Competition. In the recent years he has been regular guest and performing artist of numerous TV shows and other popular programs such as, but not limited to: Afternoon with Tea (Teadélután), A Basket of Wishes (Kívánságkosár), Lucky Saturday (Szerencseszombat), Fábry Show, Story Gala, Summer at Lake Balaton (Balatoni Nyár).

His third CD, a very special Christmas album was released in November 2010 and achieved the Gold record status already in its first week on the market and by now it had become a Platinum record. This is the first Christmas theme album recorded with the accompaniment of a symphonic orchestra and made by a male soprano singer!

Introducing this new album he presented a grand charity concert in December 2010, conducted by the renowned Tamás Vásáry as a guest artist in the Budapest Congress Centre (Budapest Kongresszusi Központ). The whole profit of the event supported the Foundation for the Child Clinic No 1 of the Semmelweis University.

He was nominated for the most prestigious national musical award, the Hungarian Fonogram Musical Award 2011 in the category of the Hungarian Contemporary Classical Album of the Year .

André considers the active social participation and the help of social welfare as an important part of his life. He regularly gives performances on charity events mainly for handicapped children or for the victims of natural disasters, including the Star Christmas (Sztárkarácsony) at Szombathely for the benefit of those injured in the red sludge flood disaster, the event of the Hospice House in Debrecen, the program titled Golden branch (Aranyág) of the Hungarian Television, the events of the Pető Institute and the K&H Bank called Medical magic (Gyógyvarázs),  the Zen Aid Concert aiding Japan and the charity concert of the White Stick Foundation (Fehér Bot Alapítvány), just to mention some of them.

In the European Year of Volunteering he gave lectures for Secondary Grammar School students with the title “Special singing lessons with André Vásáry”. In these programmes he told stories about the most important milestones of his carreer forwarding the message to the youth that they should stand for their decisions and their aims while they should not give up their dreams and let music always be part of their life.

In 2012 he gave a concert in the ball room of the Hilton Hotel in Buda castle conducted by the Kossuth prized master violin artist Miklós Szenthelyi and with the participation of the Hungarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. This event was later broadcasted also by the television. In November his fourth album became released which was at the same time his first classical one, titled Concert. In December 2012, he performed his solo concert in the Hungarian Opera House in Cluj-Napoca with a great success. In 2013 he participated in his first tours of his life in France and America.

His fifth crossover album titled Mozijegy was released in November of 2014, containing songs from famous movies.

In September 2015 he was leading soloist to the world famous Red Army Choir's Hungarian tour.

He appeared in the Christmas concerts of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in 2015 and 2016 in the company of renowned Hungarian artists.

With his pop song Why he got untill the finals in the Eurovision show of the Hungarian Television titled A Dal in the beginning of 2016, and in February of the same year his first video clip was also released.

In September 2016 he was included into the popular show of TV2 titled Your face sounds familiar (Sztárban sztár) where using his acting and performing abilities he portrayed other Hungarian and foreign male and female singers in the program of seven consecutive weeks.

In December 2016 he showed his latest pop song to the audience with the title Run! Run!

From September 2016 he studies in the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy Budapest in order to gain a second diploma.

In January 2017 he gave a solo concert in Shanghai, China answering the invitation of the Hungarian Consulate in Shanghai and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the occasion of the Chinese New Year and the Hungarian Day of Culture.

In November 2017 he appeared in the world famous Grammy nominee Celtic Woman's Budapest Arena concert singing an opening program consisting of popular soundtracks with violin accompaniment.

From September 2018 he plays the role of Mary Sunshine in the world famous Broadway musical titled Chicago in the Vörösmarty Theatre in Székesfehérvár.


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